Alternative Payment Methods

Traditional funding methods, processes & sales models have not kept pace with the subscription economy & the digital age. B2BAPM provides businesses with digital funding solutions to maximise liquidity, revenue & profit.

What we do

Funding the Technology Channel

Funding the
Technology Channel

How does a technology business maximise liquidity?

Fortunately there is now an answer that is well priced and doesn’t demand security.

The BT Switch Off 2025 represents the biggest sales opportunity ever for the telecoms channel; how are you going to cash-flow your growth strategy?


Liquid Subscriptions

For the first time, make your customer recurring revenues fund your growth.

Your business receives annual value of customer recurring revenue whilst the customer pays monthly

Stop diluting your shareholder’s value by selling parts of your customer base to raise cash

Pricing starts from 7% of annual revenue which can be deducted from advance or passed to customer

No minimum term with leases or loans, your customer has the right to stop paying without complication

Advance substantial cash into your business without personal guarantees or debentures/charges

If the customer stops paying, you stop provision and return funds for remaining term without financial loss

How we do it

Our Process

We underwrite your business to open up an annual credit line, your net worth and historic billing data are key. Typically credit lines start at £300,000 (smaller facilities can be agreed for companies on a growth trajectory) and rise to £Millions at the upper end of the scale.

If you are already billing your customers you can draw down the full credit line or include renewals/new business from customers on a monthly basis. Using the digital portal each customer must be compliant from an AML & KYC perspective.

Liquid Subscriptions works best when disclosed to your customer. You include a white labelled credit agreement for signature by the customer with your contract documentation, preferably by eSignature. Options are available to include customers without credit agreements.

Set up your customers DD in the digital portal without customer signature. DD payments are collected directly from the customer. The customer is not tied into a minimum period and can terminate the agreement without penalty at any time.

You receive an injection of 12 months’ worth of recurring revenue for that customer agreement minus the agreed fee. Payment terms can be as low as 10 and never exceed 30 days. Your contract term can be 30 days or multi-year; you still receive 12 months revenue.

Manage your portfolio via the digital portal and forecast cash-flow effectively. At the 12 month anniversary of your customer contract; auto renewals allows you to accelerate the next 12 months revenue without further engagement with the customer.