Our Mission

We pioneer digital technologies and innovative business lending whilst ensuring we have the biggest impact from both a social and environmental perspective in everything we do and every investment we make.

Our Leadership Team

Digital Pioneers

B2B APM comprises a team of digital pioneers from the asset finance and telecoms industries.

Martin Smith: Chair

Martin established Shire Leasing Plc 30 years ago and has grown it to be the leading independent asset finance provider in the UK. Shire have pioneered FinTech solutions since 2002 & fully embrace the benefits of digital transformation.

Dan Proctor: Director

Dan is a technology leader that has delivered 2 award winning FinTech platforms in the asset finance industry. Uniquely he has successfully applied this automation to generate significant revenues as well as leading businesses through award winning growth.

Matt Cusack: FD (Consultant)

As FD at Arden Communications raising significant capital and leading on acquisitions, Matt is ideally placed to support the capital raising requirements of B2B APM alongside managing strategy for the scale up of investment companies.

James Brown: Head of Digital

Lender integrations are James’ speciality. Having come from a broker background where he has led the IT strategy and implementation of digital transformation projects; no one is better placed to understand how business lending processes can be automated.

"If working apart we’re a force powerful enough to destabilise our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it." Sir David Attenborough



B2B APM invests in companies that drive real change to advance digitisation of business lending and can make a tangible impact to address the climate crisis.

Future Leap is one of the UKs leading sustainability networks. Established in 2005 Future Leap comprises of a business network, carbon neutral co-working spaces, carbon consultancy, events & retrofit solutions. 

Future Leap Finance has a simply defined mission: To drive as many companies and individuals as possible on their carbon reduction journey via ethical affordability options.

We believe that B2B buyers deserve to have the best payment options available at checkout and a user experience that they have come to expect when making their personal digital purchases. Bizi provides this and more.

Finally B2B lenders can have an effective digital sales channel that drives substantial ROI from their FinTech platforms & merchants have payment options at checkout to maximise basket conversions.